Sukuk Market Developments in Asia for Q216

Report by Asian Development Bank – Asia Bond Monitor September 2016, Review of Islamic Finance and Sukuk market in South East Asia. Sukuk represented 11.8% share vs. conventional in Indonesia and 54.6% in Malaysia Emerging East Asia’s G3 currency bond issuance declined 2.5% y-o-y in January–July In Southeast Asia, total G3 currency bond issues (bonds issued in US dollars, yen and euros) were... »

4th October 2016
G20 Views Sukuk and Islamic Finance Funding as core to Infrastructure Development

G20 and OECD Highlight use of Islamic Financing Instruments for Infrastructure Development In a recent joint G20 and OECD paper, the use of Islamic financing instruments such as Sukuk was highlighted and a number of successful case studies referenced as a means of advancing the global investment agenda, with a focus on infrastructure development, both in terms of quantity and quality. Mapping of i... »

4th September 2016
The Size of the Islamic Finance Market

The Size of the Islamic Finance Market Estimates of the current size of the Islamic Finance market range from $1.66 Trillion to $2.1 Trillion with expectations of market size to be $3.4 Trillion by end of 2018. Based on $1.66 Trillion, Islamic Finance assets represented 1% of the global financial market of $127 Trillion in assets. To put this into context, $1.66 Trillion is about the size of the b... »

14th June 2016
Global Growth Trends in Sukuk

Sukuk issuances rose to USD114.7bln in 11M14 (Jan-Nov 2014), a sizeable 8.6% increase from the USD105.6bln volume recorded during 11M13. Sovereign issuances accounted for almost 80% of total issuances. The record for issuances was in 2012 when $137.1 billion was raised, while issuance dropped to $116.9 billion in 2013 and fell further in 2014. »

14th June 2016
Islamic Finance in China and the 33% Asset shift in Sukuk

Sovereign Sukuk issuances are shifting from Ijara to Wakala structures stated Tahir Ali Sheikh of CIMB Islamic Malaysia »

9th May 2016
US Dollar Sukuk Issuance Likely to Slow

Daud Baker - The current volume of US dollar sukuk is unlikely to be maintained, »

9th May 2016
World Bank Discussing Issuance of Humanitarian Sukuk Program

Mahmoud Mohieldin of the World Bank in a speech at the Islamic Banking and Investment forum in Singapore discussed the role Islamic finance can play in reduction of extreme poverty and sustainable development particularly within OIC countries. »

18th April 2016
The Making of a Perfect Storm for GCC Sukuk

In a contribution in the International Islamic Financial Market (IIFM) Sukuk Report, 5th Edition, Ibrahim Bitar, Head of Trading, Noor Bank provides an interesting insight into GCC Sukuk market developments starting from 2015 to the present day. »

12th April 2016
Malaysia Begins Marketing Sovereign Sukuk – Targets $1.5 Billion Issuance

Malaysia has started marketing its upcoming 1.5 billion dollar sukuk issuance, which would be the second in two years. »

11th April 2016
Size of Sukuk Market (2015) – IIFM

2012 and 2013 were record years for global Sukuk issuances while in 2014 the Sukuk market slowed down to just over USD100 billion issuances. 2015 witnessed a major drop in issuances when only USD60.6 billion Sukuk were issued, a massive 43% fall compared to 2014. »

11th April 2016
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