– The Global Home of the Islamic Finance Industry and are initiatives for the enhancement and development of the Sharia compliant financial sector [1] by means of free access to a comprehensive Sukuk database of issued sukuk and its arrangers, structure and issuer data [2], the latest market news [3], trends, information and industry standards as well as a database of qualified industry professionals and services firms.

Fixed rate guaranteed returns in the form of interest rates are not permitted in Sharia compliant products. Profit rates which carry an element of risk as well as a target rate which is not guaranteed are the equivalent deposit product.

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The most comprehensive network of Firms & Professionals offering Sharia Financial services covering Banking, Legal, Accountancy & Audit, Shari’a Scholars as well as many other sectors. Register to add your entry for consideration

or is an initiative for the development of the Sharia Financial industry

    Khalid is a leading practitioner within the Sharia Financial industry.

    KFH is a Primary dealer for International Islamic Liquidity Management Corp Sukuk

    BSF offers Shariah compliant solutions to Individuals and Corporates

    Jonathan has a wide range of international debt and equity capital markets experience

    Dubai Islamic Bank (DIB) was established in 1975 & offers Retail & Wholesale Islamic Banki

    Deutsche Bank offer Islamic Services through a Window operations based in UAE, Qatar and M

    Standard Chartered is promient in Islamic Capital Markets acting as advisor and bookrunner

    HSBC is a key player in the arranging of Sukuk

    The London Stock Exchange is a key global venue for the issuance of sukuk.

Array Growing Demand for Islamic Finance Talent

Growing Demand for Talent within the Industry

Demand for talent is set to grow in tandem with a rapidly expanding industry. Efforts to expand and enrich knowledge and practical skills have been encouraging. Overall, demand for talent within the industry is expected to continue rising, while training providers continue to rise to meet the challenges of supporting the unique needs of the industry.

Array MYR Sukuk Sales Post Yearly Highs

MYR Sukuk Sales Post Yearly Highs

Demand for funds by Malaysian infrastructure companies is driving up sales of Islamic bonds. Ringgit-denominated sukuk issuances are set to hit their highest quarterly levels in more than a year. Bloomberg TV Malaysia's Sophie Kamaruddin and Han Tan discuss the factors driving the recent rise.

Array Islamic Banking in Nigeria moving in right direction

Islamic Banking in Nigeria moving in right direction

Mr Mutallab called on the Central Bank of Nigeria to support the operation of the non interest banking segment of the banking sector through the provision of shariah complaint financial instruments.

Array Takaful – Concept, Challenges and Opportunities

Takaful - Concept, Challenges and Opportunities

Report produced by Milliman Research highlighting key issues and challenges, as well finding sustainable solutions to some of the challenges.

Array Introduction to Islamic Investing

Introduction to Islamic Investing

An overview of investment filters as used by Central Shariah Committee of HSBC Amanah.


AAOIFI Standard Number Five - Guarantees

This standard deals with guarantees that are intended to secure obligations and protect amount of debts, either from being uncollectible or from being in default. Such guarantees may take the form of written documents, attestations, personal guarantees, pledges, cheques and promissory notes.

Array Growth to Facilitate Financial Inclusion and SME Sukuk – IMF

Growth to Facilitate Financial Inclusion and SME Sukuk - IMF

The growth of the industry offers important potential benefits, the IMF stated in its IMF Research June 15 bulletin. The IMF stated the sector could facilitate financial inclusion by increasing access to banking services to underserved Muslim populations. Furthermore the risk-sharing characteristics of Islamic financial products can facilitate acce...

Array Regulatory Arbitrage without Ethics Leading to Crash?

Regulatory Arbitrage without Ethics Leading to Crash?

The ethical principles of Islamic Economics should be at the forefront of thought and intention rather than financial structuring. It is likely only sociably responsible financial centres with depth, liquidity, and well established regulatory and legal frameworks will build the critical mass and emerge as significant Islamic Financial centres. Lond...

[1] The Size of the Market
[2] The Sukuk Database
[3] News