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Fixed rate guaranteed returns in the form of interest rates are not permitted in Sharia compliant products. Profit rates which carry an element of risk as well as a target rate which is not guaranteed are the equivalent deposit product.

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    Standard Chartered is promient in Islamic Capital Markets acting as advisor and bookrunner

    HSBC is a key player in the arranging of Sukuk

    Naveed is Founder of and

    Turkiye Finans is a joint venture of the Saudi Arabia's National Commercial Bank

    An initiative for the development of the Sharia Financial industry

    Khalid is a leading practitioner within the Sharia Financial industry.

    BSF offers Shariah compliant solutions to Individuals and Corporates

    Dubai Islamic Bank (DIB) was established in 1975 & offers Retail & Wholesale Islamic Banki

    RHB Bank offers Islamic Banking services through its RHB Islamic window

    ADIB is a primary dealer for International Islamic Liquidity Management Corp Sukuk program

Array Rebranding Islamic to Ethical Finance?

Rebranding Islamic to Ethical Finance?

If you want Sharia-compliant finance to be ethical, then let´s hold ourselves true to our word and discuss substance in the industry. Qatar is well determined to finance most of its infrastructure for the World Cup the Islamic way, yet it is not prepared to abolish what has been called modern slavery, the “Kafala”- System, without Western pressure. What about child labour? Let us discuss Bangladesh's industry. Gender equality – women inheriting half the share of a man. Antisemitism – some deem company shares with Jewish owners unacceptable. The list is long, so let the discussion begin.

Array RHB Sukuk Weekly: Fitch Revised Saudi Arabia’s Outlook

RHB Sukuk Weekly: Fitch Revised Saudi Arabia's Outlook

Sukuk gained marginally c.0.04%; yield rose to 2.353%. The Bloomberg Malaysia Sukuk Ex-MYR Total Return (BMSXMTR) ended flat (+0.04% WoW) at 101.63 (week prior: -0.22% to 101.59), with weighted average yield widening 1.0bps to 2.353% (week prior: +5.9bps to 2.343%).

Using data from our exclusive Sukuk Database, the above Sukuk Chart can be used to view issued Sukuk based on their maturity and issued profit rates along with corresponding information covering issued amount and date as well as rating data. View and filter sukuk based on issued country and currency covering both short-term and long-term issuances as well as historic matured sukuk covering the past ten years.

Array Matiinu Iman Ramadhan - Flickr

Indonesia and Turkey Pushing Islamic Bank Cooperation

Whilst the proposed Indonesian or Turkish banks will be hugely overshadowed by Gulf Islamic Banks in terms of assets and capital, they will have access to much bigger markets. Both Indonesia and Turkey being Muslim majority countries with combined populations of around 325 million offer greater growth prospects in engaging unbanked populations of t...

Use the above interactive Islamic Bank Chart to select and view Islamic Banking ranking data based on assets, converted where appropriate to US Dollars. View and compare Islamic Bank sizes based on global and country specific views. Data export feature is available using menu on right hand side. Window operations are excluded and only fully fledged Sharia compliant institutions are considered.

Array Takaful – Concept, Challenges and Opportunities

Takaful - Concept, Challenges and Opportunities

Report produced by Milliman Research highlighting key issues and challenges, as well finding sustainable solutions to some of the challenges.

Array Talal Yassine OAM, Managing Director of Crescent Wealth

Crescent Wealth managed funds up 245% to cross $100m mark

Crescent Wealth, an Australian Islamic investment firm, announced it had exceeded $100 million in funds under management following a 245% growth in funds under management during the first half of this year. After launching the world's first Islamic Pension fund in 2013, the company has witnessed rapid growth with total member numbers growing close...


AAOIFI Standard Number Five - Guarantees

This standard deals with guarantees that are intended to secure obligations and protect amount of debts, either from being uncollectible or from being in default. Such guarantees may take the form of written documents, attestations, personal guarantees, pledges, cheques and promissory notes.

Array Prospects and Challenges – MIFC Report

Prospects and Challenges - MIFC Report

In just four decades, the Sharia compliant finance industry has grown from a niche banking system to be regarded as one of the fastest growing segments of the global financial industry, with total global financial assets estimated to be around USD2tln. The past five years have been most significant, recording 17.3% Compounded Annual Growth Rate spu...

Array Regulatory Arbitrage without Ethics Leading to Crash?

Regulatory Arbitrage without Ethics Leading to Crash?

The ethical principles of Islamic Economics should be at the forefront of thought and intention rather than financial structuring. It is likely only sociably responsible financial centres with depth, liquidity, and well established regulatory and legal frameworks will build the critical mass and emerge as significant Islamic Financial centres. Lond...

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