Gold Banking

Real Estate and Gold driving UK Islamic Finance Offerings

UK Islamic Banks are expanding services to cater for London based property financing demand. QIB UK, part of the Qatar Islamic Bank group, and Al Rayan bank a UK subsidiary of Qatar based Masraf Al Rayan have both recently expanded offices and services to meet demand. QIB Begins offering Murabaha Facilities QIB-UK, has begun providing Sharia-compliant Murabaha Facilities for London properties. The... »

7th August 2020
Gold Banking – A Game Changer for Islamic Finance

Converting Billions of Dollars of Idle “Under the Mattress” Gold Assets into Mainstream Economies Traditionally gold is passed down the generations in Islamic cultures, but as an asset remains stored in vaults and not active in the wider economy. Islamic finance gold banking offers the potential to convert many billions of dollars of idle “under the mattress” gold assets into mainstream economies ... »

7th August 2020