Principles of Islamic Finance

Conventional vs Islamic Finance

Islamic finance is a moral system of finance. It emphasizes the balance between for-profit activities, justice, tolerance, risk sharing and social good as well as not-for-profit activities. »

9th August 2020
Line of Finance – Structures (Murabah/Wakala)

Video from The Islamic Corporation for the Development of the Private Sector (“ICD”) presenting the structure of Murabah/Wakala as used in Line of Finance.   »

7th August 2020
Minaret Sunset

Key Principles of Islamic Finance Islamic Finance is a fast growing financial services sector within which transactions are required to be compliant with Shari’a – a body of jurisprudence derived from the Qur’an and secondary sources known as the ‘Hadith’. Key characteristics include finance based on trade transactions in order to remove the basis of making money from money, often interprete... »

14th January 2018
Minaret Sunset

Islamic Finance and its sister site Sukuk are initiatives for the enhancement and development of the Islamic financial market by means of free access to a comprehensive Sukuk database of issued sukuk and its arrangers, structure and issuer data, the latest market news, trends and information as well as a database of qualified industry professionals and services firms. »

13th June 2017
The Islamic Perspective on Development and Shared Prosperity

    World Bank Group, and Islamic Development Bank CC BY 3.0 IGO Islamic Finance and Shared Prosperity In recent decades, policy makers—including multilateral development organizations such as the World Bank Group—have often applied a “trickle-down” approach to reduce levels of absolute poverty. This approach asserts that higher productivity and industrial advancement lead to higher gros... »

26th February 2017
IDB Prize for Women’s Contribution to Development

IDB Prize for Women’s Contribution to Development The Islamic Development Bank (IDB) is an international financial institution with a membership of 57 countries spreading across different continents and regions. Its mission is to promote comprehensive human development, with a focus on the priority areas of alleviating poverty, improving health, promoting education, improving governance and prospe... »

4th October 2016
Global Growth Trends in Sukuk

Sukuk issuances rose to USD114.7bln in 11M14 (Jan-Nov 2014), a sizeable 8.6% increase from the USD105.6bln volume recorded during 11M13. Sovereign issuances accounted for almost 80% of total issuances. The record for issuances was in 2012 when $137.1 billion was raised, while issuance dropped to $116.9 billion in 2013 and fell further in 2014. »

14th June 2016
Reviewing the shared heritage of Islamic and Christian Finance

Christian Faith based finance represents a smaller share of global financial assets than Islamic finance which itself only represents around 1% of total global assets. »

19th May 2016
Noor Odeh: “Move beyond labels and look at the principles of Islamic finance”

At the TedxLugano 2016 event, independent financial consultant Noor Odeh delivered a Ted talk highlighting the use of Islamic finance as a means to contribute to ethical and sustainable economic development. »

19th May 2016
AAOIFI Standard Number One – Trading in Currencies

An overview of AAOFI Shari’a Standard Number One , Trading in Currencies is presented. »

6th January 2016
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